At the crossroads of cultures

The western part of Slovenia, bordering to Italy, where Archa Inženiring Company is situated, is an interesting and inspiring world. Not so many kilometres from Trieste, an hour drive from Venice, we create right next to more thousand years’ old traffic connection between Vienna and Rome. Here, where in 394 the Christians finally defeated the pagans in a great Roman battle, lies an important crossroads of various nations and cultures. The Mediterranean on the one side and the Alps on the other, the Karst and the Vipava Valley in between, thrilling the visitors with natural and architectural heritage.

Many of the prominent artists come from this region. Veno Pilon, painter and photographer, who created the majority of his work in Paris. His works are kept in the Pilon Gallery in Ajdovščina. Lojze Spacal and Avgust Černigoj, two incredible fine artists, inspired by the Slovene Karst. Art is a part of our souls, we find inspiration in everything that surrounds us.