Confidence creates true bonds

We believe that good relations can create true bonds and good friendships. We value all our business partners; therefore, we create partnerships with customers and suppliers with trust. In the creative cooperation, we find suitable solutions faster and efficiently solve every problem. Partnerships bring benefits to all.

Especially valuable is connecting our suppliers into clusters, which cooperate in creation of our products. The most important effect of such a cluster is higher responsibility for qualitative work and consequently the quality of final products.

We enrich partnerships with our customers through marketing and technical support. Next to professional counselling in equipping museums and choosing display cases, we also offer our customers suitable catalogues as well as produce drawings and visualisations of equipment. Technical support and service in possible movements of equipment is ensured also after the supply and montage of display cases.


studiostopa, the team of architects and museum designers supports Archa inzeniring from beginning, using their know-how, experience and activities at museums equipment area.